Todd Tucker

Todd talks about his bonding session with Kandi's father and why he wanted to confront Momma Joyce.

on Jun 19 Did Johnnie surprise you with how much he stepped up the wedding planning?
Todd Tucker: Johnny didn't surprise me, I knew he had it in him. He just needed that push to help him step up to the task. Why do you think Kandi was so sold on the space for the wedding? What were your reservations about it?
Todd: Kandi was sold on the space for the wedding because it was cheap, cheap, cheap. I liked it as well that it was cheap. I just wanted to make sure she was 100% sure that this was the location that she wanted. Did Don Juan's negative comments about the space surprise you?
Todd: I was not surprised at all with Don Juan's comments. Her whole team starts with negative comments before hearing the plan. Were you seriously considering calling off the wedding after hearing Momma Joyce's comments about your parents?
Todd: Yes, I was serious about calling the wedding off as Momma Joyce's comments about my parents were very disrespectful and she had gone too far this time. Are you a fan of Tan?
Todd: I am a fan of Tan's, she is very organized, she is a very good friend to Kandi, but I don't like how shady she has been towards Carmon.