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D-list Hot Spots In Los Angeles

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Demolition Day

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Kathy Does The Garden

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Mrs. Kathy Goes to Washington

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Sewing with the Stars

What Happens in Wasilla, Stays in Wasilla

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Law & Disorder

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Kathy Comes To T-town!

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New Years In Times Square

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Here We Go Again

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D-list Do's And Dont's

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Tom And Kathy, Sittin' In A Tree?

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Kathy Closure

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Celebrity Dating Tips

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Tom's European Vacation

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London Bridges

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Take A Dating Diet

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Looking Up After Lockdown

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Porn And Prison

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Q&A With Jessica

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Q&A With Tiffany

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That Face To Face Connection

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In Tom's Hands

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The Windy City

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Home Swearing Network

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Remembering Dad

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Kathy's Amazing Fans

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Sexy In The City

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I'm Not A Lesbian...

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D-list Dating Ex Anxiety

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Jessica: Up Close And Personal

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Michigan Or Bust

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Oh, Sweet Charity

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D-list Dating Disasters

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How I Got The Tour Manager Job: Revealed

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A Very Special Blossom

D-list Hot Spots In Los Angeles

Find out where the d-listers go!

The Best LA Spots for a D-Lister:

Best D-List places to be seen.

1. Togo's Sub Shop

2. Hard Rock Hollywood

3. The Grove

4. Third Street Promenade

5. Universal City Walk


Best D-List places to hide and recover from a hangover.

1. The Frolic Room

2. Formosa Cafe

3. The Rose Cafe

4. The Well

5. El Coyote


Best D-List places to get laid, fast.

1. 24 Hour Fitness

2. TGI Friday's in Woodland Hills where Tom used to work

3. Cabo Cantina

4. Barneys Beanery

5. Q's

Best D-List places to find a turkey burger and trans-fat-free fries.

1. Urth Cafe

2. A Votre Sante

3. Tender Greens

4. Grace

5. Erewhon Foods

Best D-List places for a smoothie.

1. Jamba Juice in Studio City

2. Body Factory

3. Robek's

4. Wild Oats

5. Whole Foods


Best D-List vacation spots (out of LA).

1. Solvang, Chumash Indian Casino

2. Palm Springs

3. Miami

4. St. Tropez

5. Tijuana

Best D-List coffee shops (ie. Coffee Bean).

1. Coffee Bean on Sunset & Fairfax

2. Starbuck's in Studio City

3. Pete's in Brentwood

4. Seattle's Best

5. Highland Grounds


Best D-List gyms.

1. Crunch

2. Equinox

3. Gold's Gym

4. LA Fitness

5. Bally's

Best D-List rehab facilities.


2. Wonderland

3. Daniel Freeman

4. Michaels House

5. Cliffside Malibu

Best D-List spas.

1. Korea Town Hot Springs

2. Sonya Dakar

3. Burke Williams

4. Splash

5. Miyako Inn and Spa

Best D-List astrologers (or other spiritual paths/centers).

1. Jon Edwards

2. Sylvia Brown

3. Jackie Stallone

4. Joyce Jillson

5. Miss Cleo


Best D-List grocery store.

1. Rock & Roll Ralph's

2. Ralph's in Studio City

3. Whole Foods

4. Vons

5. Jon's

Best D-List lot to be seen looking for parking.

1. K-Mart

2. Anywhere in LA

3. Beverly Center

4. Hollywood Highlands

5. Santa Monica

Place Best D-List spot for the paparazzi to "find" you.

1. In & Out Burger by my house

2. Shopping on Robertson

3. Pinkberry

4. LA clubs

5. The Standard

Best D-List restaurants.

1. Texas Corrall

2. Saddle Ranch

3. Ivy

4. Doughboys

5. Chevy's


Best D-List discount stores.

1. Out of the Closet

2. Loehmans

3. Crossroads

4. 99 Cent Store

5. JC Penny's/ Sears

Best D-List place in 90210.

1. Hamburger Hamlet

2. Baja Fresh

3. Jacapo's Pizza

4. Nate N' Al's

5. California Pizza Kitchen

Best D-List mode of transportation.

1. Production Van with my D-List crew

2. Rent A Wreck

3. RTD

4. Segway

5. Ice Cream Truck

Best D-List hotels in LA.

1. Farmer's Daughter

2. Sportsman's Lodge

3. Beverly Motor Lodge

4. Oakwood Apartments

5. Ramada Inn


Best D-List bookstores/newsstands.

1. Bodhi Tree

2. Book Soup

3. News Room

4. Brentano's

5. Barnes and Noble

Best D-List spots for fake tanning.

1. Sunset Tan

2. Pacific Tanning Salon

3. Tropical Sun Tanning Salon

4. Starlight Tanning Salon

5. Total Tan Tanning Salon

Best D-List shoe stores.

1. Loehmans

2. Payless

3. Shoe Pavilion

4. Bakers Shoe Store

5. SAS Shoe Store


Best D-List clothing stores.

1. Forever 21

2. Ross For Less

3. TJ Maxx

4. Target

5. Fredericks of Hollywood