Kathy Griffin Season 2

Kathy Griffin has dinner with Joan Rivers!

Jun 5, 2007

Season 3, people. Can you believe it's finally here? And seriously, is this an action packed first episode or what? I honestly think the people at Bravo are trying to kill me.

Some people would call this "episode 1," or, if you're a TV geek, you might call it "episode 301" but personally, I call this episode "A very special 'Blossom'" -- because I cry like a big dumb girl. When I watch episodes of the show, I actually do watch them as a viewer so that when I blog I'll talk about the episodes like it's not me on that screen, but some other beautiful, sexy 28-year-old with a super hot body.

First off, I really hope you like Tom and Tiffany, the new team members. Bravo's calling them "characters." That's when Tiffany found out how cold show business is --- when she was officially referred to as a "character." Poor Tiff...

Meanwhile, Tom's friends are ecstatic that he's on the show because now they get to post mean things about him all over the internet. Mostly that he has fake teeth and is a moron but only one of those is true...

One of my favorite things about watching the show is seeing my Mom and Dad because they really do say stuff on camera that I don't see coming, like Ryan Seacrest during Idol auditions...or Wednesdays.