Kathy Griffin Season 2

Kathy Griffin talks about her vagina charity.

Jun 2, 2006

Okay, everybody, it's a new season, and I got a lot to talk about, so I'm just gonna get right into it...POLICE CHIEF TIM - MY HERO

Here's what I want to say about Chief Tim: I LOVE him! And not just because he gave me a police escort (although that didn't suck) but because he's straight AND he thought I was hot. Everybody on the crew kept saying he had to be gay because they couldn't believe that a straight guy could have such a huge crush on me. Well screw you, crew! Just because the man gave me flowers does not mean he's gay.

Now Dr. Hong on the other hand - I'm pretty sure he's gay. And I'm gonna take him up on that Pap Smear. A girl can never be too careful. (Hmm, I wonder if I can get Chief Tim to give me a police escort to Dr. Hong's office...) "I'M A HELPING TELEVISION WHORE."

I'm glad we surprised Prakash, that woman with arthritis. She was so, so sweet. A little too sweet if you ask me. If I had arthritis, I wouldn't be sweet. Hell, I'm not sweet now, and I'm totally healthy. All I'm saying is, it would've been way funnier if Prakash was sicker and meaner. Ah whatever, it was fun. And I got some free press out of the deal, so everybody wins. Except Prakash I guess... what with the arthritis and all...