Kathy Griffin Season 2

The real reason Kathy Griffin went to Iraq? Read on.

Jun 20, 2006

And yeah, there was a rocket attack the night I was at the palace, and yeah, I did think it was just a door slamming... but that hasn't stopped me from being overly proud and frequently using the phrase, "I survived my first rocket attack." I definitely think I should get some sort of certificate to acknowledge my bravery. Or at least a Purple Heart. I'm going to have Jessica call the army to make sure that happens. Or maybe she can just text them...

ON A SERIOUS NOTE... ...I just want to talk for one second about Sgt. Adkins, the wounded soldier I met in Tikrit who had just survived a mortar attack that took the life of his fiance. Meeting Sgt. Adkins was something that I will never, ever forget. I think about him every day, and wonder how he's doing, and if he returned to duty, and I just want him to be safe and to know that there are lots and lots of people in America who are grateful for the sacrifice he's making on behalf of this country.

Look people, I know this wasn't the funniest episode of the show that's ever aired, but I am so proud of it, and I hope that you enjoyed it even though it's not a laugh-a-minute. Although I guess I should be honest with you all about the real reason I went to Iraq -- I just wanted something to throw around the next time I see Anderson Cooper at a dinner party. I've never been to a dinner party with Andy Cooper. I'm not in the same circles as Andy Cooper. But I will do anything to impress him, and maybe the fact that I went on this trip will actually get me invited to an Andy Cooper party. If not -- I move onto Amanpour.