Kathy Griffin Season 2

Kathy Griffin on charity and the Queer Eye Guys.

Jul 18, 2006

I just got asked to stump for Phil Angelides (the guy running for Governor against Arnold). I get requests from animal charities. Political charities. Charities benefiting some obscure clinic in the middle of Chad. Then there's other celebrities and their various charities: Leeza Gibbons' mother's charity. Camryn Manheim's cousin's charity. Eva Longoria's Hispanic People with Sniffles Foundation. They're literally coming at me from all angles. But I try to say "Yes" whenever I can.

And sometimes I pay the price.

Like that Paws for Style gig -- the minute I took it I regretted it. I knew nobody else was gonna show up. Although I did think there were sparks between me and Lipnicki. He hasn't called me yet, but he'll come around. And I always wonder just how much money these charity events raise.

I mean, sure, the Transgender cooking thing was a cool event, but then I'm like, "Great, I'm in someone's kitchen. How much could they have raked in?" Although that charity I at least thought was legit, because Ricky had an article in Time magazine, and it's a real organization, with real people in a real office, answering real phones. I get a lot of requests from so-called "charities" that are just some shady guy working out of his basement. But I'm not falling for those anymore. Call me back when you've got a plan and a mission statement and you're not quite as corrupt as the United Way.


You might have been surprised at my parents' lukewarm reaction when I told them I was taking them to the St. Regis, but I wasn't. Let's put it this way: The other day I asked my Mom and Dad if they wanted to be my date for the Emmys next month, and they literally said, "Not if it's too early in the day." So heads up, Emmy Awards -- my parents are giving you a pretty narrow window. If you start at an acceptable time, they'll show up. Otherwise they're going to have to pass.