Patti Stanger

Patti Stanger gives her take on celebrity break ups.

on Jul 17, 20070

Hiya Patti, I suppose I don't have a dating question per say, as I am happily engaged at the moment and my fiance is a very talented hair stylist with his own business (okay, am I gloating?). But I couldn't help but think, while flipping through this week's People magazine that celebrities never stay together. What gives? Can all the single girls (and hey, I used to be too) get any insight from Justin and Cameron's break up? Or Jennifer Aniston and anyone she happens to be dating? I'm mean! Don't mean to be but just thought, since you are the "queen of the D-list dating scene," maybe you had some special thoughts on all those Hollywood couples and their messy love lives? Carla, San Francisco, CA

To Carla, Well, if this isn't just right up my alley? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why most celebrity couples don't work out -- can you say "DATING A.D.D."?

*Brit and Kevin -- As long as you date men beneath you (financially, emotionally, etc.), you'll always feel like their mother...not their mate. Plus, come on Brit, FOCUS! He left his ex while she was pregnant -- do the math!

*Richie Sambora/Denise Richards -- Karma's a bitch. Rebounding to your friend's husband? Give me a break, please.