Executive Producer Danny Salles goes into detail about how they got the shots they needed ... despite some disturbances from the crew.

Jun 14, 2010

My other fond memory from this episode was when Kathy wanted to shoot a Law & Order spoof outside the New Jersey studio with Ice T. Ice, if that’s his first name, was nice enough to agree to do the scene with us but we only had five minutes between his real scenes to shoot it. We were all set with tour manager Tom to play the victim (much to Kathy’s delight). We had fake blood (food coloring and Karo syrup) and a grey sheet for the body, thanks to the Law & Order prop department. We quickly made Tom lie down outside and traced his lifeless body with police chalk (OK, it was kid’s chalk, but it did the trick). Ice rushed out and we started rolling. The D-List crew almost ruined the take because we were laughing so hard. Kathy started riffing that they should check the “vic” for anal tearing and Ice played right along with her, not missing a beat. And poor Tom had the double indignity of being dead and rudely violated. We got the bit shot in four minutes, including a wide overhead shot we got D-List-style by having the camera man stand on the hood of a car. Ice T was impressed with our crazy speed and joked that we should direct Law & Order: SVU episodes since we’d be able to shoot a whole show in just one afternoon.