Team Griffin

Tom opens up about porn.

Jun 26, 2007

Kathy asked me once if I'm into porn, and I just honestly said, "As much as the next guy..." Like I told Kathy when she first hired me, I'm into porn no more or less than the average male. Note to job seekers: "DON'T SAY THIS TO YOUR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYER."

Of course Kathy found my porn and pulled it out while the cameras were rolling. And then she laughed...disgustedly. (Oh, and Kathy also makes assumptions about why my showers are so long. Let me just say that a man has needs.) I might as well just put it all out there now...

I don't think I'm necessarily into porn. It's just that if it's there and I have nothing else to do I'll look at it. Whatever's lying around, I'll peruse it. I wouldn't limit myself to just one type of porn because I like many types, but nice wholesome porn is good.