Team Griffin

10 questions for Jessica Zajicek.

Jul 2, 2007

6. What do you TiVo?

I don't have a TiVo but if I did it would be any of the following: Grey's Anatomy, What About Brian, Lost, Miami Ink, Inked, The Girls Next Door, Workout, Shear Genius, the Planet Earth series, pretty much almost anything on the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or the National Geographic Channel. Oh, and the Locked Up series on MSNBC. It fascinates me.

7. What's next on your to-do list?

To take a nap. I'm always up for a nap.

8. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I never really thought about it honestly. I just thought I would figure it out as I went along and that's basically what I've done and what I am doing. I've always been a very visual person, so environments as such stimulate me. I have an Associate's Degree in Visual Communications and was very interested in Graphic Art and Art in general, but now my interest has shifted a bit into the psychology field. I've always wanted to work with animals as well so I guess we'll see what happens. I also would love to be fluent in French and to learn sign language.

9. What clique were you in during high school?

The "alternative" clique. Back then I would have got my butt kicked for using words like alternative but I guess it's the best way to describe it. I used to have a shaved head and multiple piercings not to mention my tattoos and lived and went to school in a fairly religious part of town, so to them I was Satan's spawn. Senior year though, I won them all over and became friends with most of the ones who had doubted me or shunned me in the beginning.

10. What would we learn if we Googled you? I'm not sure. You tell me.