Team Griffin

Tom shares the real reason he is single.

Jul 24, 2007

It's fun being on the road with Kathy. It's like hanging out with my buddies when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. She is comedy, and I am a huge fan of comedy. Our relationship is is probably more like brother-sister. I would say brother-brother, but I guess that'd be a little weird cause she's a lady.

Before I even met Kathy, I loved comedy. Kathy and I willl sit and talk about music and old comedy together. I love that given that I'm a certain age, I can appreciate some of the things that she talks about. Jessica and Tiffany are a little young and don't know who certain people are, like Don Rickels. Kathy and I can trade Don Rickels fodder back and forth.

Could I ever see myself with Kathy? Well, I just want to see myself with anybody -- at some point. Kathy and I together would be funny. She would probably put up with me for about a week. And I wouldn't have a job anymore, and I'd probably get a lot of hate mail from her. No -- she's not that type. She wouldn't give me hate mail. But, I won't have a job anymore -- I know that much.

Well I have dated a few people, but I need to get my life together first. I haven't dated in a long time because, like Kathy, I have high standards. The difference between Kathy and I is that I have high standards,  but the girl has to have a low standards, whereas Kathy kind of works both ways. If a guy has high standards, he'll be happy with Kathy. I'm kind of looking for the impossibility though.