Tiffany Rinehart

Tiffany recounts their trip to her hometown of Tracy, Ca.

on Jun 20, 2008

The reporter from Good Morning Sacramento asked us to dance with him and he was the only one that could hear music in his ear piece, so that is why I look like a dork when we were dancing. I swear I have rhythm! The Great Plate is a fine establishment that my friends and I visit whenever I go to town. What you saw on TV is pretty much what happens whenever I go there, but less drinks are spilt. Just so you know, no Chanel coats were injured during that taping.

Can we talk about the chicken incident for a minute??? I had NO IDEA that was going to happen, so that look on my face was genuine. I was so honored to have such a fancy party thrown for me and I obviously didn't know what we were getting into. I think Kathy thought it would be boring, but Tracy never fails and always makes things interesting. I think Kathy made a lasting impression on the town.

That's the most action it has seen in a long time and I am glad Kathy helped me put it on the map, although I don't think she'll be going back for a visit anytime soon.