Tiffany Rinehart

Tiffany Rinehart recounts the drunken antics of New Year's Eve.

on Jun 17, 2008

New Years in Times Square! Something I always wanted to experience, but never thought I would get the chance to. Standing on the platform with Kathy looking at the sea of people made me grateful that I wasn't standing in the crowd with the rest of them like sardines in a can. I mean how do those people go to the bathroom? One cop told us they get really creative. Eww!!

It was an unforgettable experience though. I loved every minute of it! Anderson Cooper ... what a charming guy! I think Jess, Kathy and I melted every time he opened his mouth. When Anderson was around Tom didn't exist and we forgot about how cold it was outside. Oh Andy!!

After taking four shots of vodka in a row (you can see me on the show almost throw up on the last one) I thought I would end up like Jessica too. She drank tequila and bourbon! Now from past experience I know that any dark alcohol will only end with my head in the toilet, so I stuck to the clear stuff.

In her defense, we were filming all day and hadn't had much to eat, plus the girl weighs like 90 lbs., so that combination was deadly. As I dragged Jessica into our hotel room, (Yes Jess and I are like sisters. We have to share a room when we travel.)