From the Producer's Podium

Kathy's Talent Producer enlightens us on just how taxing it can be to find hot firemen.

Jun 28, 2012

When Kathy Griffin says, “I want three hot firemen on the show,” someone has to fold up their sleeves and be willing to do the truly rough work in the office. That person is me. That was a difficult week being a talent producer here on Kathy. I was touched by how many co-workers volunteered to step up and actually go with me on the painstaking mission of finding gorgeous men trained to wield a large hose.  But, as it was my responsibility to find them, I decided to bravely go about it on my own. It was an arduous task -- driving to multiple fire stations to meet, interview, and take shirtless photos of HOT firemen -- but after five painstaking days I found a few boyfriends. Eh… I mean panelists. Whether it be finding hot firemen, hot marines, or hot bachelors for Tiffany, being a talent producer is just like solving a jigsaw puzzle. A hot jigsaw puzzle. You have to turn over a lot of pieces, study them, and try and determine which pieces fit together to complete the whole picture.

A lot of people have asked how we find our “civilians.” One of our Kathy luminaries, Meredith Morris, is a talented Beverly Hills hair stylist, and also happens to be Tiffany’s roommate. Ryan ‘The Dogwalker’ Steckloff is in fact Kathy’s dogwalker.  So some of these folks are genuinely real, everyday people in Kathy’s world, and some we were just lucky to find! In our last episode of the season with Jimmy Kimmel (July 5th), one of our panelists is going to be a cashier from my local pharmacy. I first met Gail about four years ago when I randomly chose her register to casually put the loot from my basket on.  She immediately had an accessible, fun energy that warmed me, and when, from under the frizz-control hair conditioner, volumizing mascara, and spearmint gum, she saw a box of condoms, she did what no cashier has ever done -- she BUSTED me for them! “Oh girl,” she said, “You gonna have yourself a FUN weekend, aren’t ya?” I loved it! It was an authentic moment between women, and every time I go to that drugstore, Gail is my girl. She is vibrant, unique, and authentic, and on some occasions we dish about the celebrities on the magazine covers right there at her register. So when Kathy said she wanted civilians, Gail the first person I thought of, and I know she will be great on the show next week!

Now as many of you may know, Kathy put a moratorium on civilian-only panels, as she wanted to have some of her friends join her on the couch. Part of my responsibility of being a talent producer is that on our tape day I sort of serve as the host to all of our guests at the party that is Kathy. I set up the guests’ dressing rooms, see to it that their favorite snacks and drinks are there, greet them at their cars, walk them to their dressing rooms, consult on wardrobe, and always ensure that everyone (celebrity or civilian) is taken care of and feeling relaxed, confident, and comfortable. It was truly wonderful meeting the hilarious ladies, Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings, and this week we are honored to have Jane Fonda and Sharon Osbourne on Kathy.