From the Producer's Podium

Kathy's Segment Producer spills all the secrets of the set.

on Jun 1, 2012

As a segment producer for Kathy, I’m about to give you access to something that no one has ever been privy to -- a behind the scenes look at what goes on at a Kathy taping. (This is excluding the roughly 100 audience members each week for the past 7 weeks, the 50 member staff and crew, and hundreds of thousands of people that have been to a taping of a television show before, because let’s face it, they’re all pretty similar. But other than all those people, NO ONE.)

I’m going to give you a minute-by-minute look at the ins and outs of producing a late night television show. (Side note: Some or all of this may not have happened. The performance by Space Cops was so glorious in my opinion, that I can’t imagine it being anything but a dream. We have Neural Net Processor on a loop in our office. Come by any time to show us your best dance moves. But actually you’re not welcome at our offices. It’s not personal; it’s a safety issue.) So join me, won’t you, as I take you on a magical journey back in time to Wednesday, May 30, 2012 at 8:00pm.

8:00 – We kick this week’s show off at 8 PM ON THE DOT. Kathy walks out (looking great) to thunderous applause as always. She has some of the best fans in the world.

8:01 – Kathy’s monologue is already so offensive that our show’s lawyer has passed out, falling to the floor. A P.A. (That’s an abbreviation for Production Assistant. We in the biz like to take the “p” from production and the second “a” from assistant in order to shorten the two words in an effort to save time and space.) is dispatched to find some smelling salts.