From the Producer's Podium

Producer/Panelist Michelle Collins gives you an insider's look into the wonders of the craft services table.

May 17, 2012

Ahh, the sweet, anonymous embrace of the internet. How I’ve missed you. Those of you unfamilz (internet speak for unfamiliar) with me, a quick intro: I’m Michelle Collins, the tall lady with bangs and eyeliner who sometimes appears on Kathy as one of her “civilian panelists.” But what you may not know about me is that when I’m not finding the perfect sequined tunic to wear alongside the always elegant Ms. Griffin (that sound you just heard was the boss bonus points rolling in), I actually work behind-the-scenes as a producer on the show. Seeing as I’ve spent the last 6 years of my life blogging for a living, you can imagine how different things are for me now. The main difference being I put pants on during the day.

But enough about me!* (*No such thing.) Today, I want to take you deep into the glamorous world of working on a big budget television show. I can’t lie: It’s pretty amazing. And my fellow co-workers agree. In fact, just the other day I took an informal Kathy office survey asking folks what their favorite part of the show is. And while I got a bunch of answers -– being creative, the camaraderie of working with one another and with a legend like Kathy Griffin, the pride we take in seeing our hard work come to life –- there was one thing, one glorious thing, that we all agreed made working here at Kathy well-worth our time:

The Craft Services Table.

Food, y’all. You need it. You love it. And here at Kathy, we get it. Once a week. For free. I know. #HOLLYWOOD

Starting in the afternoon of tape day, our beautiful cornucopia of processed foods and dips present themselves to us in the studio, courtesy of Daniel, the lovely gentleman who procures these delights to us throughout the day. “Crafty,” as we in the biz refer to the table, is our office water cooler, where all the employees gather round to gossip, joke, and eat cubes of cheese and peanut butter cups and other things I would never buy for the house but will line my gums with if given the option.