From the Producer's Podium

One of Kathy's producers shares her daily struggles.

Jun 8, 20120

What a week to work at Kathy -- KG finally broke her own “no famous people” rule and welcomed two insanely funny women to the show: Chelsea Handler and Whitney Cummings! All hell (and a dog) broke loose when these three hilarious broads got together; the guy running the bleep button almost worked himself into a heart attack. We’re looking into getting him retroactive hazard pay.

As a lifelong comedy nerd, and also as a human with a uterus, it was fascinating to hear Kathy, Whitney, and Chelsea compare notes about their experiences as women in the male-dominated world of stand-up. So with that in mind, I thought I’d share with the challenges of working as a ladyproducer here at the Kathy show.

Health and Fitness: It’s tough to make healthy choices when you’re scrambling to pull together a new hour of television every week. You can forget about hitting that after-work yoga class -- your butt’s not going anywhere when there are late-night script changes to deal with. And then there’s the dark little secret hiding in the office kitchen. Our PA’s keep the shelves stocked with snacks for the staff: crackers, cereal, fruit, the usual. But next to the reasonably-easy-to-resist kale chips and dried blueberries is a nefariously genius delicacy called cookie butter. It’s like peanut butter, but instead of creamy pulverized peanuts, you get creamy pulverized cookies. It’s delicious, and it’s evil, and it’s your girlish figure’s worst nightmare. It’s also the reason our office is frequently out of plastic spoons.