From the Producer's Podium

Eric discusses the dangers of becoming "talent" for the show.

Apr 19, 2012

Usually the producer on a television show is left in the shadows to do their job. Free from the trappings of the camera, we can do all the behind-the-scenes TV stuff without being outed to the viewing public.

But this is not a normal's Kathy's show. And straight from my red headed boss herself, that apparently means I’ve been assigned as the dude parked at the podium right in Kathy’s eye line. I’m not complaining, really, but there is a pinch of pressure having a camera pointed at me for two hours a week with no break. Like Maggie, I might start to live in fear of “the runs” and might need to adjust my bathroom habits before we start to tape (an old word) every week. I’ll deal with that on my own time. It’s not your problem, and these concerns are my own. Please give me some privacy.

Anyway, back to me (the guy with the headset and glasses shaking his head) on the podium. I can deal with questions being hurled at me about anything and everything in front of a live a studio audience by one of the fastest and funniest people on the planet. Sure. Sign me up. But the part that I’m not into is that Andy Cohen apparently thinks I’m the show’s stage manager. WTF. Now no disrespect to stage managers at all, because that job is serious, but that’s not what I do. (I have a vague Liberal Arts B.A. so my options are limited and “television” is what I’m good at.) But then again, Andy isn’t really a TV host, he’s a Bravo executive. Can I say that? I don’t mean that in a bad way. He’s actually working two jobs and I feel his pain. Maybe he’ll empathize and put me on Watch What Happens Live! as a special guest?