From the Producer's Podium

Find out what's currently on Kathy's load-in playlist.

May 25, 2012

Since taping episode one, we’ve had the same mix Tiffany made for the show. It starts out OK -- a little Afrojack, Boyfriend by Justin Bieber -- but by the time it gets to Born This Way by Lady Gaga (which, face it, we’ve all heard way too many times) I always think, “It’s time for a new Kathy 'load in' soundtrack.”

I didn’t want to put together a mix completely on my own. I felt that was a little ballsy being a newcomer around here. And despite my penchant for a little Katy Perry and Rihanna (OK, a lot of Katy Perry and Rihanna) my musical taste certainly has its eclectic, obscure, and indie patches. And I love a great mash-up.

So, I needed Tiffany’s input. I finally cornered her to get a new mix going. She explained that it was important to have music that was recognizable and would get audiences singing and dancing along.

“We want pump-up music,” Tiffany told me. “We don’t want to put people to sleep.”

Tiffany’s other edicts: lots of Pitbull “because I want to be Pitbull’s baby mama.” And definitely U Smile by Justin Bieber to appease Kathy. “She loves that song,” Tiffany explained.

Also, Tiffany added, “Don’t put in that Carly Rae Jespen song.” She was referring, of course, to Call Me Maybe. I snuck it in anyway, because I found a mash-up on Wednesday that was too terrific to pass up. (Don’t tell Tiffany!)

You can put this mix together and start playing it before you watch an episode of Kathy to simulate what it’s like to be in our studio audience.

So far, Kathy hasn’t provided her feedback. She’ll probably say, “Who changed my music?”