Lessons from 'Kathy'

There's a great deal to be learned while working on this show.

I have to say, working for Kathy has been a whirlwind. It’s hard to believe that we only have a few more weeks of Season 1. This has been an amazing experience –- I was working in snowy Chicago on a hidden gem called The Rosie Show when we found out that we were canceled. It was sad that we were unemployed, but the lovely execs softened the blow with some Irish soda bread. Luckily, the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself when I visited Los Angeles the next week and was asked to join Kathy immediately. After canceling my return flight and surfing on friends’ couches, I’m finally settled. It’s been a joy, and as the season wraps up, I leave with a wealth of life lessons. Here are a few of my favorite tidbits:

Celebrities have a lot more “dental work” than you may realize. You know you’re in the big leagues when you can talk about former noses, right, Lance?

If you really want to get your enemies to pay attention to you, talk behind their back. They may Tweet at you (cough…Alexis Bellino…cough), or who knows, they might even come onto your talk show and perform California Dreamin’.

Never underestimate the power of a P.A. with a one-man-band. F--- Carly Rae Jepsen, Space Cops is the breakout artist of Summer 2012. I have finally been able to put my knowledge of The Real Housewives to good use. I now know more about them than my extended family, and I have Joe Giudice’s rap sheet to prove it. Also, I’m very excited to go down to Anaheim this weekend and check out Alexis’ infamous trampoline park.

If you get a group of hot marines to talk about reality television, the eye-candy is so sweet and their opinions about The Bachelorette are fascinating.

A 92-year-old woman with a penchant for boxed wine is now America’s sweetheart. Kudos to you, Maggie Griffin.

And the most important thing I’ve learned from this job? No matter how many times it’s happened, when your boss flashes you, it leaves you with Ramona eyes.

'Kathy' Meets 'The Price is Right'

The staff reveals the perks of working on the same lot as the iconic game show.

We have a pretty sweet office set up over here at Kathy. We have a fully-stocked kitchen (I mostly consume the office’s supply of coffee and Garden Salsa Sun Chips), I stare at a giant TV all day, I work with some pretty awesome people (we even had a lunch gathering on the couches the other day as a change of pace), and we just generally have a pretty great time together.

But this is only one of the places we spend most of our time. You see, we go to a whole different office set up to actually film the show. Everything’s crazy over there. It’s right by The Grove, it’s not walking distance to my apartment – mass hysteria!

So every Thursday we take our computer raisers that Campbell gifted us, pack up our bag filled with pens and sharpies (that might just be me), and move our power cords over to the studio. There we get to see fun pictures from past shows, a new set of guests’ names on dressing rooms, and eat even more free food. (And some of it is HOT!)We also get to walk through one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen: set pieces from The Price is Right. I mean, who doesn’t love that show? I can’t think of a sick day in my LIFE that I haven’t made sure to watch The Price is Right. So we have this surreal time every Thursday where we’re just walking through the set pieces. Sometimes an old wheel is out and we “ooh” and “ahh,” sometimes we can see the Pinnacle of Awesome (for me, anyway), which is, of course, Plinko.

Other people have seen celebrities on the lot, there to film something else. But not me. Just give me Kathy Griffin and some game show set pieces and I’m in heaven.

When I think of Cool Things I’ve Gotten to Do Because of My Job…this brief walk through game show and TV history is way up there.

Now if only I could be in a Showcase Showdown…