From the Producer's Podium

See why everybody wants a bite of Kathy’s taco.

on Mar 6, 2013

I feel pretty lucky to work at Kathy. The hours are great, the staff is friendly and it pays enough to support my online shopping addiction. Sometimes we get perks that throw it over the top. Last week, an Evite landed in my inbox from Miss Kathy and it read like a dream that could only live in my mind -- Kathy was going to spoil us on Friday with a party for Employee Appreciation Day! But even better -- there would be tacos. Delicious, authentic taco truck tacos. There’s nothing I love more than a real taco. Well, maybe a Taco Bell Doritos Loco Taco.

Now, last week out of nowhere a nasty cold hit me real hard. I had the sniffles, I had a tickle in my throat, and I had a fever that wouldn’t quit. Was it viral sabotage? I was forced to miss work on Thursday, which means I missed my one (maybe only!) opportunity to meet Carmen Electra. I might have missed Carmen’s taco, but I’d rather die than miss Kathy’s.

I think the divine Lord intervened on Thursday night, waving his magic wand and fanning a cool breeze towards my fever. I felt better! But I woke up Friday morning struck with a new illness! I had taco fever.

Would there be corn tortillas? Flour? Carnitas? Barbacoa? Perhaps a lovely fried fish? WOULD THERE BE A SALSA BAR LIKE AT BAJA FRESH?! Would they put that cabbage slaw on top with a tart crema? Would there be a nacho cheese fountain? Who knows! The possibilities were endless.