From the Producer's Podium

The staff opens up about the vicious attacks on their immune system.

on Feb 4, 2013

One of the best things about working on Kathy is it’s a relatively small staff and we’re all pretty close. We spend long hours together, we start getting loopy around 3pm together, and yes, we have dance parties and drink matcha green tea together. One big happy family. Which is great!

Except when the flu is going around. When we came back from the holidays, we were in full swing for our Season 2 premiere and everything was fun and exciting. And some of us were sick! I’d gotten sick OVER the holidays, so I was fine, but one of our EPs Greg, our Associate Producer Cole, and Supervising Producer Blake were all sick. (I think, I can’t keep this straight anymore, everyone’s been sick.)

Luckily for them I get sore throats almost every week (why couldn’t they have just removed by tonsils when I was 8?) and am also a bit of a hypochondriac so I knew I’d be essential to everyone’s recovery. You see, I carry a bag of drugs with me almost everywhere –- but especially when traveling. So after my numerous plane rides in December, I had a pretty substantial gallon zip-lock bag filled with throat lozenges, zinc stuff, cough drops, mucus cough-up pills (their technical term), among other things.