From the Producer's Podium

Hear the cautionary tale of the staff's addiction to Matcha Green Tea.

on Jan 29, 20130

The fewer people who want it, the better. We’re now approaching our last teaspoon, and there is a palpable Lord of the Flies-like tension amiss. Karen claims she has purchased the next batch for the office, but “left it at home” -- a statement that caused great suspicion and a violent staple-throwing incident from Shepard, another Producer who is usually quite docile. I even drove 15 whole minutes out of my way to the Teavana Store after work last Friday, only to be told their MGT supplies were sold out -- nationally. I did not respond maturely, and I’ll leave it at that.

Time is running out. It’s Monday morning, and we are down to half a teaspoon of matcha. That’s not enough to give anyone here at Kathy their proper fix, and even so, it’s being fought over like rabid wildebeests. Boot-compliments have quickly become jewelry-insults, light hearted laughter has become diabolical cackling, and Shepard just threw his desk at me. It hurt my shin. Yet Karen seems oddly calm and blissful amidst the chaos -- no doubt the cause of diving into her stash she “left at home.” Only moments ago, we began circling her, a la an Amazonian hunt, ready to take her down and eat her. But in an ironic twist of fate, we have left her alone, as I just found out that sells a wide variety of MGT. I’ve ordered it, I’ve paid the extra $89 to have it delivered overnight, and it should be here by morning. If not, the carnage will be vast. Please, keep our staff in your thoughts, and I hope you’re able to experience a similar kind of joy with MGT!