From the Producer's Podium

The 'Kathy' producers reveal that they are behind the resurgence of Hot Pockets.

on Feb 26, 2013

I’m just going to come right out and say it -- the Kathy staff is officially responsible for bringing Hot Pockets back into the American (and, presumably, Norwegian) zeitgeist. I don’t need to sit here and tell you that Hot Pockets are delicious. You’re no idiot. But I think you may find it interesting that, although they have remained an easily accessible treat since 1983, there has been an explosive resurgence in their popularity in the last month. And Mr. and Mrs. Pocket -- presumably the proprietors of the company -- can thank us at Kathy for that. Suddenly, you’re not “cool” unless you’re eating a Hot Pocket...or talking about a Hot Pocket, or making a historical Hot Pocket reference, or making an inappropriate Hot Pocket metaphor. I suggest you get on the train.

Our obsession with Hot Pockets began simply. We producers were working very diligently one day when, only for a moment, we took a five hour tangent into singing commercial jingles. We covered all the classics -- Stanley Steamer (“...tough on dirt, eeeasy on carpettt”), Empire Flooring (“...eiiight-hundred-five-eeeight-eeeeight-two-three-hundrrred!”), Kay Jewelers (“Every kiss begins with Kaaaay”), 1-800 Mattress (“...M-A-T-T-R-EEEEEE-EHSSSS”), etc. Inevitably we got around to four-part harmonizing, “Whaddaya gonna pick?! [snap] Hot Pockets!” And the rest is extraordinary history. Any mundane information we wanted to relay at work was then in the tune of the Hot Pockets jingle. Deciding how to keep track of our field piece ideas? “Whaddaya gonna pick?! [snap] Google Doc it!” What in the hell are they talking about on The View right now? “Whaddaya gonna pick?! [snap] Hot Topics!” Not sure what we want for lunch? “Whaddaya gonna pick?! [snap] ...” Well, in that case, we would just suggest eating a Hot Pocket. Day after day, more and more Hot Pocket references would sneak into our conversations, often making no sense at all. “Hey, Shep? Can you please hand me the Post Its?” To which he would reply, “Hot pockets!” We enjoy weirdness.