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A Proposal and a Birthday

"The whole trip wouldn't have been the same without my favorite faux-wife, Stefanie Skinner. "

Thanks for tuning in for the final episode of the first season of Kell on Earth! I hope you all enjoyed watching Skinner and I as we planned Kelly's surprise birthday party. We definitely had a blast planning her little get-together, especially the cake testing at Ferrara's, of course. When Stefanie and I came up with the idea to go cake testing, we both immediately knew this would be a brilliant opportunity to venture out on a mega-adventure down Grand street. The cakes were beyond delicious, but if you haven't tried a Cannoli or Pinnoli cookie from Ferrera's you haven't lived.

The whole trip wouldn't have been the same without my favorite faux-wife, Stefanie Skinner. While I thought sneaking out of the office to go cake testing (right under Kelly's nose) would be the hardest part of the cake testing, the cake's delivery and storage proved to be just as difficult of a task, but I hope you all enjoyed watching me struggle to keep that refrigerator door closed on the second floor!

The actual delivery of the cake was also quite a difficult task - riding the subway with a massive cake box in your arms is no easy feat, and while the cake took a lot of hard work and troubleshooting, the final surprise was well worth the effort. Few things in the world compare to the feeling of doing a good deed for someone you truly respect, admire and care about, and throwing this surprise party for Kelly was really such an amazing experience. I really can't thank you all enough for tuning in to watch the crazy lives we lead at People's Revolution and hope you will all keep your eyes peeled for me in the future.