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Don't Be Tardy for the Party (Ohhh Ohhh)

"After two hours of waiting on the girls, I was pretty upset with them but tried to keep my cool."

Hope you guys all enjoyed this week's episode as much as I did! Not only did you all get to see me taking on some new responsibilities as I helped plan and oversee the Xeniya lookbook shoot (in PHI drop-crotch shorts and Rodarte A/W 2008 knit webby tights), but you also got to come home with me TWICE.

First, just for a casual pre-game at my apartment one night with a few of my buddies (highlighted by the debut of my Rick Owens A/W 2009 wedge ankle boots and the arrival of my dead-stock Atelier Versace throne). Later in the episode I throw a last minute Addam's Family themed dinner party at my apartment and invite a bunch of my friends in addition to Michelle and Skinner. The whole night was planned pretty last minute so I had to reach out to my Mom, who I jokingly refer to as my assistant, to grab a few things around town (candles, black table cloths, candelabras etc.).

Everything seemed to be going well as my friends all started to arrive, decked in their Addams' inspired outfits, and although I was in the best of company I couldn't help but wonder where Michelle and Skinner were as time passed. After two hours of waiting on the girls, I was pretty upset with them but tried to keep my cool. While it totally sucked having Michelle and Skinner show up a whopping 2 hours "tardy for the party," I definitely blame myself for holding everything up for their arrival and have made sure to apologize to my other guests as it was extremely rude of me to keep them all waiting for that long. In the end there were no hard feelings and we all ended up having a great night. Thanks again for tuning in and hope you enjoyed getting a glimpse into my life outside of The Rev.