Emily Bungert

"I love Stefanie and want her to do well and I know that she is a very dedicated employee! But if she is going to be successful, she will need to learn to set aside the emotions and focus on completing the tasks at hand."

on Mar 8, 2010

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in for more Kell on Earth!

In the beginning of this week's episode, we are still in London and we're working the Jeremy Scott fashion show. We had an early morning call-time - I laughed when I saw what Kelly was up to in her room while me and Robyn were waiting for her! But it was all fine and we were on time for the show - early, in fact! Had enough time to chat with model Cole Mohr while we were prepping backstage - we know him from the shows in New York and he is a pretty funny character! Not to mention, quite a famous model in the menswear industry. I couldn't help but ask him about his look in the show and indeed his answer was hilarious. The front-of-house was pretty funny also -- Robyn and I were busy busting bag-stealers and front-row crashers. You know, the usual.

Our dinner with Ilario that night was fun -- it was nice to relax knowing that we finished another successful show. Kelly jokingly married us all off to Ilario and he decided to lay down his own set of rules! It was pretty hysterical. We had a great time in London and completed a lot of successful work and  Ilario was a good host. What you don't see is that during the dinner, Robyn and I needed to call the office in NYC because of a staffing issue with the LA office. Always working!