Emily Bungert

"...and what does the designer do?! STIFF US for our fee. NOT COOL."

on Feb 15, 2010

Well I must say, I both laughed and winced watching this episode! My goodness…First of all, I just want to discuss something that anyone outside of our business might be a bit perplexed about -- the scene where I walk off in the middle of a conversation at work -- to put pajamas on! Haha, even I thought it looked a little kooky watching now.

For all of us at People’s Revolution, Fashion Week is not just one literal week -- it is basically about three very LONG weeks -- as the prep time in the 2 weeks leading up to the actual shows is really our busiest time of each fashion season. We all practically live in the office and we don’t have a day off for what seems like forever. I usually have at least 3 pairs of shoes under my desk, including heels for emergency party dressing, and flats so I have something to change into AFTER the show or party. I’ve always got a few extra bags of clothes laying around, with different types of outfits -- some comfy clothes for late nights at work and dressy outfits for meetings and events, and of course plenty of black tights and black tank tops – essentials to keep on hand at all times.