Emily Bungert

"If you are a fashion fan and just want to try to get in if there happen to be some empty seats at a show, my advice is to..."

on Feb 8, 2010

Recently I was asked by Fashionista.com if I had any advice or thoughts I would like to share about Fashion Week, and I think the quote I gave them relates back very well to Episode 2 of Kell on Earth, as follows: "A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into producing a fashion show. Just remember that for most of us, Fashion Week is a BUSINESS -- NOT a party."

I have worked hundreds of doors for fashion weeks around the world and many have been extremely intense and made me want or NEED to scream. Indeed, I end up losing my voice almost every single fashion week season! At the Chado Ralph Rucci show front-of-house, I was stunned. Not only did we have a glitch in our computer system that caused us so many headaches -- but I was actually quite shocked when I realized that all of the people left in the lobby were just there to try to crash. What bothers me about crashers (i.e. those who are not invited and have no legitimate reason to be there) especially is that they have no regard for the people who are working on and organizing these shows. These people stand in line and walk up to our check-in tables with all sorts of ridiculous tactics - they are friends with the designer, they are best friends with Kelly (or Robyn or me), they are a buyer for such and such (but with no business card....) The one that drives me the most crazy is when they walk up and say somebody's name and they are clearly not that person. Thankfully I have been in this business for long enough to know what most of the important editors LOOK like - and I am most often the one who busts out the fakers and bans them. Occasionally they ARE legitimately coming for their boss, but in my opinion they should walk up and tell us the truth - that their boss asked them to come in their place. The fact that they think that as an assistant they can still have the priority seating of their boss just irks me. We meticulously go through the lists and ensure the right people are invited and we spend hours and hours working on the seating chart, so that everything runs as smoothly as it possibly can. But when you have a lobby full of people who are lying and trying to scam their way in - it just makes our job SO much more difficult!