Emily Bungert

"Sometimes I can be difficult to work for because I work at an extremely fast pace and it can be hard to keep up. I want things done in a timely manner and it drives me insane when deadlines are not met."

on Mar 15, 2010

Hello once again!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to explain some of the inner-workings here at the Rev that you perhaps have not seen. There is actually a lot of positivity and camaraderie amongst the team that does not come across on-screen very often. We really do enjoy ourselves and have a good time together! Robyn and I have been friends for many years -- we were colleagues at another firm many years ago and kept in contact and did various work projects together over the years.

Robyn, Kelly and I have a great relationship and we do hang out a lot together and travel together often. When you see us out at dinner and Kelly tries to pick up the hot waiter for Robyn -- funny things like this happen all the time when are out and about! Kelly does have a good eye and spots the hot boys and sends them our way. Being a hard-working, career-oriented women - it can be tough to meet guys sometimes, especially because we work in fashion and most of the guys around us are not straight! So kudos to Kelly for thinking of us girls and scoring a hottie for Robyn. LOL.