Givenchy and Donuts on D*cks

What was Andrew wearing this episode? He tells you, and talks about a party game involving donuts and...well, you'll see.

So in last week's episode I gave a few huge shout outs to the brilliant, Rick Owens, but this week was packed with one of my other favorites, Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. As I watched this episode for the first time I couldn't believe how many cameos my bondage backed Givenchy sweaters make. First, the ribbed black wool turtleneck version from Givenchy Homme A/W 2009 is worn over a sleeveless green/white/navy plaid flannel (talk about GLAMGOTHGRUNGE, right?) and is later paired with a black mesh long sleeve top (and accessorized with THE gold charm necklace from Givenchy women's A/W 2008 collection). Later on, as I tempt Skinner with delicious Ben & Jerry's ice cream, I'm rocking my other Givenchy bandage backed crewneck top (this one from women's S/S 2009 "Cowboy Bandage Couture" collection, which remains to me one of my favorite collections in recent years) worn over a ripped white oversized T-shirt, and paired with some Ralph Lauren black-watch plaid trousers and Rick Owens A/W 2009 wedge boots. As if there weren't enough Givenchy references being made by my wardrobe alone in this episode, I brilliantly style Skinner and replace her everyday headband with my spiked choker to create a Givenchy Haute Couture S/S 2010 inspired studded headband. Seriously kids, how hot does she look as the princess of darkness walking around with that thing on? Amazing, I know.

While I'd be more than happy to dedicate this entire blog post to the genius that is Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci, I feel compelled to comment on the new "IT" game for 2010, most commonly called "Donuts on D*cks." Although I came up with this idea in a moment of sheer over-worked delirium, this game has evolved, over the several months since this episode's taping, to be a favorite in the office and is perfect for friendly gatherings and serves as a great segue from dessert to orgy at any dinner party. All you need is one dude in attendance and a box of a dozen from your favorite local donut shop! Please make not that in some instances the donut may need to be adjusted to accommodate unusual girth, please advise.