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I Was Tarday For the Partay

"It was in this moment that I realized I'm pretty much ridiculous and need to make some adjustments because eventually it would ruin all of my personal relationships and friendships."

In tonight's episode there is a lot that goes on -- from everyone getting more of a glimpse into our daily lives to a photoshoot for our client Xeniya to the departure of Tandrew and Andrew M.'s Addams Family inspired dinner party... So, where should I start?? First, I would like to say my favorite laugh out loud moment was when Andrew S. is talking about how Robyn will talk to others in the office and laugh, but when it comes to him she has zero patience. In this scene the camera cuts to Robyn laughing at her desk and Im sure at this moment Andrew S. thinks it is the perfect time to ask Robyn a question -- as soon as he turns her head, the laughter dies from Robyn.

I died laughing watching this scene. When Andrew S. lets us all know that he is going to be going to Los Angeles to visit his grandmother that is sick, I knew in the back of my mind that he was not going to come back to work at People's Revolution. He really shows that no matter what you are doing family always comes first, even if it means that you have to put what you are doing on hold for a minute to be around the people that have made it possible to allow you to go and live your dreams. I will admit, I really did think, "so now who is going to do my hair and actually get me out of the office to take care of these things," but also understood the situation he was in.

After Andrew S. left, my workload was about to triple again since now we would be looking for another employee to work in our office -- Kelly noticed and delegated work to Andrew M for the Xeniya photoshoot. He did a really amazing job with this specific task and I felt like he was really proud of himself for a job well done!

Finally, I just want to go back to my point about Andrew M. really becoming the voice of reason in trying to teach me that it is important to have a life outside of work. Andrew puts a lot of work, time and details into planning his Addams Family-inspired dinner and I was really looking forward to it. On Fridays I have to submit weekly reports to clients and ended up working at the office until a lot later than expected, which resulted in me being late to Andrew's party! It was in this moment that I realized I'm pretty much ridiculous and need to make some adjustments because eventually it would ruin all of my personal relationships and friendships. Andrew, you know how sorry I was for showing up so late with Michelle and although it stinks how it happens it was this evening that I realized I need to make some changes -- I guess you've finally gotten through to me. :) Also, thank you so much for having such a great party and as usual, I overate on the desert and wore lipstick!

Viva la Revolution!

XoXo, Stefanie