Jeremy Scott and London Fashion Week's 25th Anniversary

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Jeremy Scott and London Fashion Week's 25th Anniversary

"Coming back to NYC after working consecutively for a month and a half straight is like the end of a roller coaster ride."

For the last three years Kelly, myself and Pablo have been going to Paris Fashion Week where Jeremy Scott showed his collections. This year with all of the excitement around London Fashion Week celebrating their 25th Anniversary and the pop up shop event for Jeremy Scott and adidas collaboration, it was a unanimous decision for Jeremy to present his collection in London. This proved highly successful for everyone involved and this season his collection was inspired by the Flintstones, with Jeremy every season has it own story. His collections are always highly creative and pays tribute to all things pop culture. His front row is always filled with key VIP's from Estelle and the MISSHAPES to highly sought after models like Chanel Iman walking in his show. His show was a great way to end fashion week and as always was well attended and went smoothly, aside from the front row issues.

For this show it wasn't just about people stealing front row seats, but more about stealing front row bags. Jeremy has done a collaboration for the past three and a half years creating limited edition bags for the front row with prints from his show. Emily and I tag teamed a few people as not only were we doing security, but seating as well. Saying goodbye to London and coming back to what we know as reality was kind of bittersweet. London had been extremely successful, as I was responsible for solidifying US press to attend and cover London's 25th Anniversary and also work on both Henry Holland and Jeremy Scott's fashion shows so we were leaving on a high note, but sad for it all to be over. Coming back to NYC after working consecutively for a month and a half straight is like the end of a roller coaster ride.You got through all of the high and low points and now everything just stops and have you time to reconvene and recollect on all that went on. However, that wasn't necessarily entirely true, as the second I landed in NYC there was more events! This is going to be a busy few weeks. No sleep for the WICKED!