Just Another Day at the Rev

"I mean, the intern situation was absolutely pathetic. Not once, but twice? Who can make the same mistake collectively twice? Are people really that incompetent?"

It's never a dull moment at the Rev, that is for sure. It was just the continuation of the Chado Ralph Rucci nightmare, which ended quite terribly. It was such a pity, as the collection looked beautiful, as did the show. Nothing like that in the history of my fashion career had ever happened. It was beyond our control and I had to move on and not take this personally, as there was no way this could have been prevented. The best thing to do was focus my energy on the next show that needed my attention. However, there were lots of other dramas that other people were dealing with and so luckily got to witness, but not get dragged into. I mean, the intern situation was absolutely pathetic. Not once, but twice? Who can make the same mistake collectively twice?  Are people really that incompetent? I thought Kelly was going to murder all of them as she really did mean war. I definitely knew which interns not trust on any of my upcoming projects. Did they even deserve to be in our office? They were bound to cause more problems than be helpful.

Moving on to a real employee we were currently staffing, Stephanie Vorhees. Did all of this really happen or was this a figment of my imagination? Thank God I personally did not have to deal with any of these mistakes as this would have pushed me that much further to frustration and utter amazement at how little common sense people actually have these days....but could things actually get worse? Um yes....a model passes out at the Genetic presentation, but everything ended up going great from the production and press aspect. But, seriously, how random? Again, another first in the history of my career. Lots of firsts in this episode! And of course Andrew M, remained as styled as usual sporting a one shoulder top and belts around his neck and deep V sheer paneled Givenchy top....I mean what more can you expect from a fashion PR assistant? And Stefanie almost had another breakdown. Oh, she did, she cried this episode... Andrew S was sleeping on the floor out of exhaustion... All just another day at the Rev.

Is it even possible for there to be more drama? We shall see.....

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Thank You

"It has been quite the experience letting everyone into our lives both professionally and personally and thank you for continuing to watch and your support."

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for tuning into Kell on Earth week after week and getting an idea of what it is like to work at People's Revolution and in Fashion Public Relations. It has been quite the experience letting everyone into our lives both professionally and personally and thank you for continuing to watch and your support.

There have been so many great things that have happened in the past eight episodes and it is just a glimpse into the many wonderful moments that make People's Revolution so special. There have been a lot of highs and lows for myself as I have transitioned from being Kelly's assistant into a Jr. Account Executive, to staff being hired and fired - the latest addition of Grace at People's Revolution, growing friendships between the staff, and my own personal struggles between finding the balance between work and life.

I know that I did not blog last week, but Emily and I were in Los Angeles producing a Fashion Show for our client, Alternative Apparel, which was an amazing event and very well received by both the press and attended guests. I know earlier in the season of Kell on Earth there was a blow up between Emily and myself, but I must put this out  there: like I said before that was not a breakdown, that was a breakthrough. Yes, the way in which it happened was not ideal, but I learned a really important lesson from all of that and realized how everything that was going on was not a personal attack, but helping me get the results that are needed in this fast pace environment, and to not get so caught up in the emotions of things. Yes I was over tired and overwhelmed, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank Emily for being such a great mentor, bringing me on all of my first business trips and being such a great person - I truly appreciate it and look forward to the road ahead!

Robyn: I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I respect and appreciate you in so many ways personally and professionally, and I really admire your dedication to People's Revolution and PR as a whole - love you so much!

Kelly: Everyday I thank you for taking a chance on me and hiring me and I have truly learned so much from you and am inspired by you everyday. You're the most amazing company owner I have met, a wonderful mother to Ava and such a positive role model for people taking a chance on going to follow their dreams. You have touched so many people's lives in so many different ways and it really was such a great victory in surprising you for your birthday because it really was a celebration of you and all of the great things you have accomplished and will continue to. So I thank you every day for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams. Love you!

Andrew M: Where do I even begin with you.. haha.. You have become like a little brother to me and I am so happy that we work together, sit next to each other, hang out outside of the office and for trying to bring the work/life balance into my life. We are a pack of Oreos and I love you so much! I can only imagine what other adventures we will have along the way!

Grace: Gurrll you know I have nothing but love for you and we will always stay together until the end! ha

Michelle: Im happy you no longer smack your gum in the office... and you know how thankful I am to have you as both a co-worker and a true friend - enough said.

Those we've lost along the way: I wish you all the best of luck on your professional journey- although you did not last here I wish you the best.

Finally I just want to thank my family for making New York possible for me and I love and miss you all everyday!

Hopefully we have a next season for everyone to enjoy and continue to watch the unique moments from People's Revolution.

Until next time...

xoxo Stefanie

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