Kelly Cutrone

"I went to my Dr. and his receptionist asked me if I had ever used a vibrator. "Of course," I replied."

on Mar 8, 2010

Starting my morning with Ilario looking super fly on the couch (can you believe we bought matching Indian Kirta's on Portobello Road earlier in the week?)  How convenient... it is not easy to leave a 3,000 square foot hotel room with Ilario hanging out at 7 AM after a long night of fashion parties.

One of the things you did not see was Robyn, Emily & I actually all got married to Ilario - he did everything with us. Finally he had to make a list of rules because handling three black-haired PR Chicks - well, it is a full time job. He made all of our reservations, sorted all of our cars, got dates for the girls, he was super concierge. We kissed a lot and it was fun. Sometimes I wonder if Ilario and I should just jump back into it. We played house over the Christmas holidays for about three weeks. Wouldn't it be odd after all of this time we actually got back together full time? Hmmmmmmm.

YABA DABBA DOOOOOO!!!!!! Jeremy Scott - has been my client for over 7 years and we always have a super blast together - pushing the boundaries of pop art, fashion, provocation and communication. The Misshapes did the music for the show - I wish you could have heard all of the Flinstones samples.