Kelly Cutrone

"She [Vorhees] says that no one could survive PR unless they were Superman on amphetamines. To be honest, proper dress code and common sense would have been enough. "

on Feb 22, 2010

21. The tanning salon moment is hysterical - I have never ever seen anything like this on TV - wetting my pants laughing.

22. Ilario is a great hang!!! His accent is a bit weird with an English accent on top of it.

23. Stellar turn out at House of Holland - Estelle, Misshapes, Agyness Deyn with black hair - kellz yeah.

24. Cobra Snake makes an appearance and begs me to take over the seating. He is a legend.

25. Gotta love Chanel Iman - mega model in the orange lace top.

26. Henners ends a winner but looks a little stressed - he signs Barney's on the end of the season.