Kelly Cutrone

Kelly recaps the episode and gives Skinner (and you!) some simple cooking tips.

on Mar 22, 2010

OK, here we are at episode 7. ­ Time flies - ­ next week will be our last episode. OMG, did you like our interview with Mallory and the follow up story from her previous employer in the NY Post? I have not been following her case but I do hope she retained a great lawyer and is on her way to a new career. As far as Andrew Mukamal¹s comments about donuts... ­ as his work mother I am not even going there! Los Angeles - the trip was great. ­ MY Studio is probably going to change pop culture and mall life forever. ­ They will be opening up throughout the country and I urge you all to go in and make a song. ­ I made Bette Davis Eyes. I am in LA right now writing this to you with Ava, ­ we are going on a much needed vacation on Wednesday. To Skinner, ­ a quick recipe: