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Poison Apple, Poisoned Computer System

"I met Kelly eight years ago and she always said, "One day you are going to work with me," and low and behold her foreshadowing became my reality."

Snow White with Razor Blades was the nickname Kelly gave me when I began working at People's Revolution over 5 years ago. It has clearly stuck and is as close to the truth as it gets. I am super sweet, but I expect nothing less than perfection.

I met Kelly eight years ago and she always said, "One day you are going to work with me," and low and behold her foreshadowing became my reality. I am a partner at People's Revolution. There are high expectations, excessive hours, and hard work that come with this title. The question, do I love it and why do I keep doing it?

This will be my 11th fashion week at People's Revolution and my heart is still very much vested and I remain a passionate member of the team. The team this season, however, is a bit questionable. It has given me an extra level of stress, that frankly, I really didn't need to deal with or expect.

After returning from Los Angeles this past August, I came back to a new hire Stephanie Voorhees, who as you can see is a bit of a disaster waiting to happen. She seemed capable in her interview and sold herself a lot better than she is able to deliver. She is there to make my life easier and not more difficult.

As fashion week fastly approached, I inherited Andrew Serrano as an intern/assistant due to the desperate fact that I had no one else. He actually caught on quickly and showed a bit of promise, minus his lack of attention to detail, and to my surprise a drug habit, which he tried to push on to others.

Then, of course, my favorite is Stefanie Skinner. She's a sweet girl from the midwest looking to fulfill her childhood dream. She is quite the team player and the most loyal employee I have known. About four years ago she began as a fashion week intern at People's Revolution. She has since really grown into an incredible asset to the team and is trying her best to stay afloat.

If it wasn't for Mercury being in retrograde, everything may not have been as big a disaster. Low and behold technology issues blessed us. Now, this brings us to Chado Ralph Rucci. I had been working on his show where I focused most of my energy, a fifteen hour seating process, fun times! When it was time to print out seating assignments and email all the guests, all of my hard work went out the window. Technology, a usually dependable asset failed. For the first time ever technology became a liability. At this point all I could do was stay calm, focussed and pick up the pieces to the best of my ability.

On another note, I am sure my living situation is a bit disconcerting. I gave up my lease in May due to a situation out of my control. I then spent the summer working in our Los Angeles office. Upon my return, I figured I would live on the fifth floor until I sorted out the "apartment situation." I knew there would be pros and cons. I take the elevator to work, which means the obvious, no commute. I always have clothes to change into without leaving the building. The major negative is the idea of never leaving work mentally and physically. Ironically it doesn't matter during fashion week, you dont have that separation anyway.

Thank You

"It has been quite the experience letting everyone into our lives both professionally and personally and thank you for continuing to watch and your support."

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for tuning into Kell on Earth week after week and getting an idea of what it is like to work at People's Revolution and in Fashion Public Relations. It has been quite the experience letting everyone into our lives both professionally and personally and thank you for continuing to watch and your support.

There have been so many great things that have happened in the past eight episodes and it is just a glimpse into the many wonderful moments that make People's Revolution so special. There have been a lot of highs and lows for myself as I have transitioned from being Kelly's assistant into a Jr. Account Executive, to staff being hired and fired - the latest addition of Grace at People's Revolution, growing friendships between the staff, and my own personal struggles between finding the balance between work and life.

I know that I did not blog last week, but Emily and I were in Los Angeles producing a Fashion Show for our client, Alternative Apparel, which was an amazing event and very well received by both the press and attended guests. I know earlier in the season of Kell on Earth there was a blow up between Emily and myself, but I must put this out  there: like I said before that was not a breakdown, that was a breakthrough. Yes, the way in which it happened was not ideal, but I learned a really important lesson from all of that and realized how everything that was going on was not a personal attack, but helping me get the results that are needed in this fast pace environment, and to not get so caught up in the emotions of things. Yes I was over tired and overwhelmed, but I just wanted to take a moment and thank Emily for being such a great mentor, bringing me on all of my first business trips and being such a great person - I truly appreciate it and look forward to the road ahead!

Robyn: I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I respect and appreciate you in so many ways personally and professionally, and I really admire your dedication to People's Revolution and PR as a whole - love you so much!

Kelly: Everyday I thank you for taking a chance on me and hiring me and I have truly learned so much from you and am inspired by you everyday. You're the most amazing company owner I have met, a wonderful mother to Ava and such a positive role model for people taking a chance on going to follow their dreams. You have touched so many people's lives in so many different ways and it really was such a great victory in surprising you for your birthday because it really was a celebration of you and all of the great things you have accomplished and will continue to. So I thank you every day for giving me the opportunity to follow my dreams. Love you!

Andrew M: Where do I even begin with you.. haha.. You have become like a little brother to me and I am so happy that we work together, sit next to each other, hang out outside of the office and for trying to bring the work/life balance into my life. We are a pack of Oreos and I love you so much! I can only imagine what other adventures we will have along the way!

Grace: Gurrll you know I have nothing but love for you and we will always stay together until the end! ha

Michelle: Im happy you no longer smack your gum in the office... and you know how thankful I am to have you as both a co-worker and a true friend - enough said.

Those we've lost along the way: I wish you all the best of luck on your professional journey- although you did not last here I wish you the best.

Finally I just want to thank my family for making New York possible for me and I love and miss you all everyday!

Hopefully we have a next season for everyone to enjoy and continue to watch the unique moments from People's Revolution.

Until next time...

xoxo Stefanie