Robyn Berkley

"Kelly likes to score us hot boys whenever she can..."

on Mar 15, 2010
People's Revolution is definitely not all about work... we actually do have a lot of fun and now that I was able to get a new person to work on all of my accounts that I actually trusted and knew what they were doing my life would definitely be a bit easier and of course, HAPPIER. Having Andrew quit was a bit of a blessing. As I said, he was never my choice for a full time position, I kind of inherited him as there was no one else at the time and I really thought I was going to lose my mind. I do expect great things, but he wasn't even giving me decent. Although he did try, he just was not at the level I needed. Can you actually imagine having someone focused on work and getting things accomplished in a proper way without being emotional, dramatic and lacking attention to detail? Well, that was the type of person I would be looking for. Stay tuned... as I finally find the right person to for the job.