Robyn Berkley

"I mean, the intern situation was absolutely pathetic. Not once, but twice? Who can make the same mistake collectively twice? Are people really that incompetent?"

on Feb 8, 2010

Moving on to a real employee we were currently staffing, Stephanie Vorhees. Did all of this really happen or was this a figment of my imagination? Thank God I personally did not have to deal with any of these mistakes as this would have pushed me that much further to frustration and utter amazement at how little common sense people actually have these days....but could things actually get worse? Um yes....a model passes out at the Genetic presentation, but everything ended up going great from the production and press aspect. But, seriously, how random? Again, another first in the history of my career. Lots of firsts in this episode! And of course Andrew M, remained as styled as usual sporting a one shoulder top and belts around his neck and deep V sheer paneled Givenchy top....I mean what more can you expect from a fashion PR assistant? And Stefanie almost had another breakdown. Oh, she did, she cried this episode... Andrew S was sleeping on the floor out of exhaustion... All just another day at the Rev.

Is it even possible for there to be more drama? We shall see.....