Robyn Berkley

Free advice! Get Robyn's helpful hints for interviewing at People's Rev.

on Mar 22, 2010

After Andrew Serrano left I went into full gear to try and fill his position and Stephanie Vorhees' position and was going to look for one person to handle what they were both doing. As I am sure you know, finding good people is somewhat hard and finding great people is next to impossible - I was determined though. I had an interview with Mallory Montilla, she came as a recommendation through Michelle in my office. I was told I would LOVE her and so we set up the interview. Llittle did I know that it was about to become the next dramatic event at People's Revolution.


Please come with your resume to the interview. If you don't bring this it makes you appear scattered. Whether or not we hire from a resume is questionable, but please bring.

Don't come overdressed in a suit, as it is clearly not that type of environment. It is more important to come with a sense of style and individuality.

Make sure you are on time, as punctuality is key at People's Revolution.

Demonstrate hard work, ethic and ambition and that you will do the smallest tasks to the largest, and that you are not TOO precious to do jobs that you feel are beyond your level.

It's a small office. Be sure to communicate that you are a team player and you can get along with everyone and you will do whatever it takes to make things happen. I mean ANYTHING!

Bring a portfolio that best represents the work that you have done at other jobs and make sure you have good writing skills, as there will be a test.

Come with confidence and self-assurance and hopefully you will be born under the right birth sign. Astrology is a key factor over here in the world of SCORPIOS.

Lastly, make sure to leave your sticky fingers at your last job and do not pretend you are something you are not. I mean, our whole office is a showroom of samples. We and our clients do not need any more unnecessary drama for people who have problems with stealing.