Stefanie Skinner

"Yes, it may seem a little insensitive that I burst out laughing while he was crying and the bronzer was running down his face, but you must know at this point I was out of emotions as I had been through them all."

on Feb 22, 2010

Finally -- a note to all potential interns and those that are about to join the workforce -- NEVER EVER Twitter/Facebook about what is going on in the office of your future employer. Yes, you may be excited and want to brag to all of your friends and followers, but at the same time there is a level professionalism that needs to be maintained at all times even if you are just coming in for an interview. As I said in tonight's episode, "We will find you." Haha-- this is true and any potential employer is always looking at these social media tools to see what future employees are up to and have been up to in their past.

In the end it is safe to say the office did not burn down, we did eat cookies. and I even made it out of the office with Mr. Mukamal. And yes, I wore lip gloss.

Viva La Fashion-