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Toast and Scrambled Eggs

Kelly recaps the episode and gives Skinner (and you!) some simple cooking tips.

OK, here we are at episode 7. ­ Time flies - ­ next week will be our last episode. OMG, did you like our interview with Mallory and the follow up story from her previous employer in the NY Post? I have not been following her case but I do hope she retained a great lawyer and is on her way to a new career. As far as Andrew Mukamal¹s comments about donuts... ­ as his work mother I am not even going there! Los Angeles - the trip was great. ­ MY Studio is probably going to change pop culture and mall life forever. ­ They will be opening up throughout the country and I urge you all to go in and make a song. ­ I made Bette Davis Eyes. I am in LA right now writing this to you with Ava, ­ we are going on a much needed vacation on Wednesday. To Skinner, ­ a quick recipe:

Toast and Scrambled Eggs

1.Take 2-3 eggs per person.­ Remove shells and place in bowl

2. Using a fork or a whisk simply blend the egg white and yolk together

3. In a frying pan on med-hi heat melt butter or heat olive oil (your choice, not both) and once the butter has melted or the oil is hot pour eggs into frying pan

4. Let sit for a minute and with a non-stick tool (spatula) and gently move the soft and firming eggs around until they scramble

5. Take out of pan and arrange nicely on a plate. Take one or two slices of your favorite bread (whole wheat or grain bread preferred). Place in toaster. Push down on side button/flap of toaster. Wait for the toast to pop up ­ this means it is done. Carefully take the hot toast ­ careful not to burn your fingers and place on a plate.

PS it is important to note ­ never place a metal object into the toaster to help in getting your toast pout ­ this could lead to electric shock or worse, death.

Love, Kelly