The Doctor's In!

Eris is frank about her and her husband's desire to have a baby before it might be too late.

on Mar 11, 2013

My current situation feels like its nature's cruel joke on women, and the last thing I want is for it to get in the way of my marriage -- a marriage that we both cherish based on being each other’s best friends. So let’s see what the future holds. Will the miracle of science even out the playing field? (After all, men can impregnate a woman at a ripe old age of 80 just as long as his swimmers are still active.) Will we get some important alone time to connect in the midst of a reality show? (You can bet on that.)  And if I don’t get to have a baby (though the truth is that right now I can’t bear the thought of thinking that I might never have a baby), how will I settle that reality with the dreams I’ve long held? 

I am not without hope. Years of my practice have shown me that a new day always dawns. After eight years of being together, we still feel that our relationship is young and healthy. And I sense that my body, inside, is pretty young and healthy too. 

I hope you tune in and see what happens next. I hope in some way what we go through ourselves and with our clients helps you to feel that whatever you may be facing, there’s always a solution and someone to help you through it, be they friends, family or even an LA Shrink!