The Doctor's In!

Dr. Eris shares her struggle with self-image.

on Mar 18, 2013

By being open, honest, and vulnerable, I got to embark on a journey of loving myself. What I know today is that you can never fully love somebody else until you love yourself. Nothing external will give you that love. What will is knowing yourself for who you are today. Forgive yourself for the choices and experiences that you might have made in the past. You get to choose the person you want to become from the inside out. Love yourself and love will follow.

Self-love is something that we know is important but sometimes we don’t know how to go about attaining it. People can tell you that they love you and compliment you on how wonderful you are. But, you won’t be able to fully receive those compliments if you don’t love yourself. If you have negative thoughts about yourself, they will come into your mind and take over. How do you feel about yourself? More importantly, how much do you love yourself? I hope you are asking yourself these questions as you read this. That’s why I am sharing my story with you. 

I would love to hear your story. “We Women” is part of my blog at I invite you to share your story with me, and others, on your heartbreak, redemption, joy and love. How did you overcome a difficult time in your life? How are you learning to love yourself? Your story might be able to inspire others to have a break through as I hope my story does you.