The Doctor's In!

Dr. Greg describes how Prop 8 affects his life and explains why a client does "bad things for good reasons."

on Mar 25, 2013

The timing of our decision was borne of the concern for family members who were aging and wanting them to be there while they were still able. We are not starting something new (as in most legal marriages), but celebrating the love that has been there for 23 years. But at present, we have no legal right to "marriage" in California or the federal benefits. Hopefully, that will all soon change.

You also see me going to a gym and training with a trainer. Working-out is one of the most important aspects of my life. Though I have done it since high school, I started working out with a trainer and doing intensive boot-camp style workouts about 10 years ago. Doing so not only changed my health but every aspect of my life for the better. Besides the improved physical aspects, it is the best mood-elevator, mind-sharpener, and stress-reliever I know.

Ten years ago, I was working four different jobs. I had a full-time managerial job in a large non-profit overseeing four departments and approximately 50 employees. But on the side, I was the clinical supervisor for a large mental health research study at a local university. Meanwhile, I taught a class once a week at a local clinical psychology doctoral program and maintained a small private practice of about five patients a week. I literally worked every day from morning until late evening and rarely took time to see friends or even watch a movie and my diet was mostly junk. My relationship with Kevin was significantly strained and my health became compromised. Then the house of cards came tumbling down.