The Doctor's In!

Dr. Greg describes how Prop 8 affects his life and explains why a client does "bad things for good reasons."

on Mar 25, 2013

Now, my client avoids people who are overweight and if he cannot, he punishes them, rejects them, or attempts to teach them a lesson in order to make them change.  You see me explain to him that his power was taken away as a child and now he is seeking to get it back. My job now as a therapist is to both help him regain his power without resorting to harming another person and to help him realize the harmfulness of his actions while developing compassion for people who are overweight. Changing an aversion is not something that is easily done, but I am happy my client is up for the challenge.

To try to help him along in his journey, we will have him meet a group of women who were once overweight to hear about the impact his comments make and to hopefully help him develop more empathy for their struggles. That happens next week. See you then!