Which Ladies are Still Friends?

July 21, 2014 • 6:37 PM ET
Bravotv.com: What have you been up to since this season of ‘Ladies of London’ ended? Caroline Stanbury: I have been traveling a lot, opening my wedding shop store in Ireland and looking into expanding Gift Library to the USA. Bravotv.com: Which...
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Caroline and Caprice's "Stupid" Argument

July 14, 2014 • 5:38 PM ET
Bravotv.com: Did you put Caroline's gift to good use? Annabelle Neilson: Of course I loved it! I had to get a few more DVDs, because I'm a bit more of an action or sci-fi flick kind of girl (like the box set of Games of Thrones, my favorite...
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Marissa: "Juliet Wasn't Listening to Me"

July 7, 2014 • 11:30 AM ET
Bravotv.com: Do you agree with Juliet that there's a lot of talking behind people's backs in London? Marissa Hermer: I am often surprised how often I hear friends gossiping about their friends -- especially when they are talking about people who,...
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How Julie Became a Royal

June 30, 2014 • 5:02 PM ET
Bravotv.com: How did you get into yoga? Julie Montagu: I was overwhelmed after having my fourth child and needed an escape (and probably some sleep too!) A friend introduced me to Power Vinyasa Yoga and I instantly became hooked. And the next...
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Juliet Has No Regrets

June 16, 2014 • 11:32 AM ET
Bravotv.com: Have you always loved white wine spritzers? Or is it just your drink of the moment? Juliet Angus: It's London's fault that I like white spritzers. In the summer the pubs are heaving with people on the streets drinking beers, and I don...
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Noelle on Why She Fell for Scot

June 9, 2014 • 11:28 AM ET
Bravotv.com: What made you fall in love with Scot initially? Noelle Reno: Scot has a confidence and protective nature that seduced me. Remember, I’m living alone in a foreign country. Over the period I've known him his confidence has dwindled as...
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