Feel Like a Royal With This Private Tour of The Earl of Sandwich's Mapperton Estate

Ladies of London's Viscountess Julie Montagu gives us exclusive access of one of England's most famous manors. 

Ladies of London fans have been familiar with Mapperton since Season 1 when the ladies visited the Earl of Sandwich's renowned estate. That was before Viscountess Julie Montagu and her husband Viscount Luke took over the running of the operation — and we're not just talking the home itself. The Mapperton estate includes 2,000 acres, 25 homes, farmlands, shops, gardens — they're running an entire village Downton Abbey style. And while this is giving Julie a bit of anxiety this season, it also gives us unprecedented access to this incredible residence. 

In the tour above, we see the famous Mapperton gardens and we can just imagine strolling through them like a Jane Austen character. We mean... chickens are casually parading around, people! Julie walks past archways dating to the 17th century and points out private diaries of the Earl of Sandwich from the 1660s. Breathtaking aerial shots allow us to take in the estate's beauty, and we get exclusive access to the master suite in the Mapperton House with its 300-year-old canopy and one of the most recognized ceilings in all of England. Suffice it to say, you'll feel pretty fancy taking this tour. We advise watching with a sandwich to really capture the mood. 

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