Before They Were Famous, Jamie Dornan and Keira Knightley Were Just Two Hot People in Love

What could two people this beautiful possibly have to argue about?

There's nothing better than seeing two super attractive people find each other, which is why we often like to look back and celebrate past celebrity relationships. Back in 2003, Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan were one such couple.

If you don't remember Keira and Jamie dating, it's probably because this was long before Jamie was Christian Grey, and Keira was just beginning to rise to fame in films like Pirates of the Carribean. They met as most beautiful people do—at a photo shoot. The two were modeling in an ad campaign for the British jeweler Asprey, and soon they were dating and being photographed at tons of red-carpet events.

While the two only dated for a couple years, they perfectly encapsulated what the early 2000s looked like. 

So what could two perfectly beautiful people have to argue about? According to Jamie, her level of fame may have played a part in it.

He was quoted in The Daily Telegraph as saying, "Being with Keira was an insight into how rotten [being famous] can be."

For a more detailed look at their relationship, watch the video above.

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